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Gardens are great. Many people love them. It’s good that you’re growing plants and flowers, but you may want to improve your garden visually. Say you’re having people over and you want to impress them, well then consider working some of the items below into your garden! Each of these is an amazing project that will improve your garden tenfold!


Raised Flower Beds


Raised flower beds simply flower beds that are placed into a box, resulting in them being elevated. This will reduce plants being stepped on and also will allow for a more organized and elevated garden look! These also have many different styles you can use. Use the style you enjoy the most.


Garden Walkways


Walkways will make your garden look way more organized. They look nice and can even make your garden feel bigger if you use curved walkways! There are many different types of walkways you can use. Use a walkway that matches the look of your garden!




Plant Labels

This one is simple to do, it’s just a label for what you have growing in that area/ planter! These can be made out of any material and style you want. Get creative and use any spare materials you have laying around and not in use!




Lawn Lights

Lights can look very nice when paired up with walkways and can be used to illuminate plants if you’re looking to do some after dark pest control. Lawn lights come in many shapes and sizes so be sure to use the ones you like.




Decorative Flowers

Flowers that have bright colors can bring variety to your garden and can draw attention to the places you’re most proud of. Some of the more popular colors include red, yellow, and orange.






Hummingbird Feeder

A Hummingbird feeder will provide hummingbirds a place to eat and congregate, they are amazing for your garden because they are excellent pollinators.




Resting Areas

If you have enough space, consider putting a bench or table in an area where people can relax and admire the view of your hard work or at the end of your walkway. There’s pretty much an endless variety of chairs, benches, tables, and more to pick from! Make your resting area unique and add your own personal style to it.




Birdbath/ Bird Feeder

A Birdbath is very helpful if you want to keep birds around your garden. Birds bring a lot of benefits to your garden because they like to eat insects and other pests. Bees and Butterflies will also be attracted to a birdbath. If you are looking to get a Bird Feeder, make sure you get one that is resistant to squirrels!




Garden Edging


There are many types of edging you can use in order to visually and physically distinguish different areas of your garden. Here are some of the most popular options you can use! Each range in price and effort required to install them, so be sure to plan out your garden according to which ones you want to use!


Brick Edging

Bricks are a very popular choice when it comes to edging. Bricks are very uniform and neat. You can use any type of brick that you want and in any style that you want!


Wood Edging

Wood edging is great. There are many types of wood you can use for this. Do not use pressure-treated wood around your vegetables as it is harmful to them.


Strip Edging

Strip edging is great for walkways if you don’t have a lot of space to use. place down two strips and fill it with gravel or whatever you wish to use for your walkways.



Stone Edging

Stones are available pretty much everywhere and can be arranged in basically any position that you want them to be in. Experiment around until you’re pleased with your stone edging!



Plastic Edging

Plastic edging is a cheap and affordable material for sectioning off walkways and areas in your garden. It comes in many shapes and sizes so you won’t have a problem finding the style you want.



Flagstone Edging

Flagstone edging is another popular material used for garden work. Much like stone, it can be put anywhere but it’s noticeably thinner and will need multiple layers if you want to make a wall.


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