To get ahead you need a great team!

We built an amazing team from ground up.

We wanted to start a cryptocurrency project that could really make a difference in the Agriculture Sector. One of our key goals is to be able to help struggling community members overcome the many pitfalls that we have encountered. If we can help people grow more with less space, and its needed, then we would help everyone live longer, healthier lives. One of the biggest changes we can make in this area is to help get a teach people how to grow. Knowing what issues are out there and being able to help against them, will help the lead to crops that are poor producing. If you want to help or get started in our project, you can reach out to us on our social media accounts or through our discord or telegram channels.

Our Management Team

Our management team is focused on the day to day operations of the project. We deal with many different cryptocurrency projects each day, assessing what they need to be successful


Hello! I am one of the primary founders of seed2need.


Hello! I am one of the primary USA Region Managers of seed2need.


Hello! I am one of the primary founders of seed2need.


Hello! I am one of the primary founders of seed2need.

Our Team Leads

Our team leads are the front of our project. They are always making sure that our information is getting out to new and exciting community’s and projects. Without these people we would have no project.


Hello! I am one of the founders of seed2need.


We are always looking for talented people to join our successful team. If you have the desire to be part of a growing cryptocurrency project, we want to hear from you! Do you live in an area that enjoys the benefits of cryptocurrency, then we want to hear from you! We love cryptocurrency and we hope that you do to.

You have the skills we need!

There are many important parts of a cryptocurrency project. Seed2Need is always looking to add talented people to our team.  We know the value that hard work brings and we want to share our experiences with others. These two driving factors make Seed2Need a powerful community and team. We are looking for the following positions

  1. Application Developers
  2. Marketing Professionals
  3. Discord and Telegram Moderators
  4. Graphic Artists
  5. and more

We also understand that the community needs to grow and have multiple levels of leadership. We want to grow our community to new areas so we are also looking for these following positions

  1. Country Ambassadors
  2. Regional Managers
  3. and more

Many business’s are asking each day on how to get involved in our cryptocurrency project. We have a number of solutions for these types of requests.

  1. Affiliates Program
  2. Vendor Program

Both of these programs allow anyone to take part in our market projects to start earning money. We wanted to make our project as inclusive as possible so that everyone may benefit.