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Welcome to Seed2need

Seed2Need (SILO) is an organically grown crypto community. We are focused on bringing blockchain awareness to the Agriculture Sector. We feel that having both a strong DIY community and Knowledgeable block chain development team, we can help lead the way to better results.



This is our Windows Builds. You can find the latest release below.


This is our Linux Builds. You can find the latest release below.


This is our Mac OS Builds. You can find the latest release below.


Always get the latest arm, aarch, and source from our github.


Masternode Secured Network

Seed2Need now features Masternode technology! For 1,000,000 FARM, you can create a Masternode that generates passive income.

Easy Masternode Setup

Set up your Masternode with ease! We provide all the guidelines required for setup. Simply “git clone” our Masternode script to your Ubuntu 18.04 server and run installer.

Sliding MN/PoS Reward System

Our specifications reduce Proof-of-Stake and increase Masternode rewards over the lifetime of the project.

Multi-Send Rewards Support

Create a multi-send group of addresses within your wallet and share any Proof-of-Stake or Masternode reward with them.

Diversified Management Team

We are fanatics of Agracultural and cryptocurrency! Our team is very knowledgeable with several years of expertise within their scope of responsibility and are located around the world.

Cold/Delegated Staking

Conceal Cold Staking provides an appealing incentive to hold your coins and eliminates the barriers to entry that are inherent in master nodes.

Here are the SILO Coin Details

Seed2Need is “Community Supported Agriculture Group!” Our cryptocurrency is geared towards the supporters of “Agriculture, Food, and Blockchain Industrys“. As growing fanatics, we are devoted to the continual expansion of the agriculture industry!

With the emergence of blockchain technology, Seed2Need has the opportunity to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and agriculture industries and consumers. With this advancement, Seed2Need’s mission is to deliver the ultimate experience to all “Agriculture Enthusiasts”.

Seed2Need is constructed off a state-of-the-art hybrid consistent of: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Proof-of-Work (PoW), and Masternode (MN) systems. The official abbreviation is “SILO”. The total supply of SILO is 21,500,000,000 coins.

SILO was created as an alternative to the FARM chain, and the issues the project faced. SILO solves all those problems and brings exciting benefits to the development cycle. In addition, the development team has put over 500,000,000 coins back into the change to reduce inflation.

Algo Quark
Block Time 60 Seconds
Difficulty Re-targeting Every Block
Max Coin Supply (PoW Phase) 735,014,000 SILO
Max Coin Supply (PoS Phase) 21,450,000,000 SILO
Swap Premine 735,014,000 SILO*

Below is a breakdown of the PoW rewards. PoW is Discontinued and not able to be mined.

Block Height Masternodes Miner Budget
101-381 0% (0 FARM) 100% (14,000 SILO) N/A

Below is the breakdown of the Proof-of-Stake and Masternode rewards within the corresponding phase. As the blockchain advances, the reward advantage of hosting a Masternode increases significantly.

Phase Block Height Reward Per Block Masternode Staking
1 382-140,000 1,000 SILO 35% (350 SILO) 65% (650 SILO)
2 140,001-414,600 750 SILO 40% (487.5 SILO) 60% (262.5 SILO)
3 414,601-599,931 375 SILO 45% (168.75 SILO) 55% (206.25 SILO)
4 599,932-999,931 180 SILO 50% (90 SILO) 50% (90 SILO)
5 999,932-1,499,931 90 SILO 55% (49.5 SILO) 45% (40.5 SILO)
6 1,499,932-2,499,931 45 SILO 60% (27 SILO) 40% (18 SILO)
7 2,499,932-5,499,931 22 SILO 65% (14.3 SILO) 35% (7.7 SILO)
8 5,499,932-∞ 11 SILO 70% (7.7 SILO) 30% (3.3 SILO)

The wallet addresses below are utilizes for daily operations.

Wallet Address Tag Block Explorer
F848vzPWAZ9vcprGHDThAj9HoqUY9Na8Pf Seed2Need Swap Wallet View on Explorer

Below is a breakdown of the Premine rewards. This amount was mined on the 1st block of the chain.

Genesis Block
Block Height Reward Amount Notes
1 735,014,000 FARM Initial swap pre-mine

Community Recipes

In our community we all have some things in common. Such as we love to grow food, and we love to eat what we grow! Please share with us your recipes and help our community experience the best food they can get.

Loved by the community.

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