Our Roadmap

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Welcome to our roadmap

We open our community to you! We created this website to allow you to share in this experience with us. This roadmap is our vision of the project directions and the path we hope to achieve.

Farm Pods, and E Learning
In Q1, we want to introduce  our E learning Platform. We want to help promote healthy manageable farming solutions.
September 16
Q1 2022
Swap to SILO
In Q4, we want move FARM to SILO in a effort to correct chain issues in prior versions.
September 15
Q4 2021
Partners, Exchanges, Rewards
By Q3, we hope to have a more than 1 partner service to engage in community promotion events. We want to further exchange listings and offer rewards.
September 14
Q3 2021
Community, Faucet, Recipes
We hope to start growing out inline community through our social media accounts and member videos. In addition, we hope to have a faucet to share with you FARM Coin,.
July 12
Q2 2021
Whitepaper, ANN Thread, Block Explorer
We hope to have our Project Ann Thread, Our white paper, and Our Block Explorer online by this time.
April 11
Q2 2020
Website, Wallets, and Social Accounts
In Q1 2020 we want to have the website, the wallets , and the social media accounts opened. We also hope to have been listed on at least one exchange..
November 10
Q1 2020

Start Eating Healthy

Sustainability isn’t something you can simply buy and own as much as it is a mindset or a way of life. You can experience immediate as well as long-term rewards. Generally, sustainability is forward-thinking, looking ahead to secure a future for you and yours, getting things to last, making things better than you’ve found them.

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