Welcome to our community. We are diverse group who wants to spreadĀ  blockchain information and quality community initiatives with other like minded people.

Seed2Need (FARM) is an organically grown crypto community. We are focused on bringing blockchain awareness to the Agriculture Sector. We feel that having both a strong DIY community and Knowledgeable block chain development team, we can help lead the way to better results.

Our group has the following focuses and will highlight many of the common mistakes that are made by sharing our experience with you.

  • Growing Organic Produce, Veggies, and Herbs
  • Hardware and DIY Projects
  • Blockchain Technology and Crypto-Currency
  • Data logging and Monitoring Systems

If you care about the quality of what your growing then we are the community for you. Many people do not know what goes into what they are consuming and what results it can have on your health. We welcome everyone to our group and look forward to sharing our research so that we may all benefit and live healthier lives.

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