The Current Food Trends of 2021


This year is a great time to be alive if you’re a huge fan of cooking and food in general like I am. We’re all stuck in our homes with the hopes that one-day things will go back to normal and we can get back to living our lives and seeing our loved ones again. Due to that, we’re seeing a huge spike in people taking an interest in cooking and gardening! This article will be covering some of the many food trends we’ve seen so far in 2021. 

Plant-Based Food

Plant-based items continue to be a trend into 2021, as around 28 percent of people said that they have been eating more protein from plant sources during the pandemic, according to IFIC (the International Food Information Council). More people will be trying out veganism, but others will just be eating things that taste good and happen to be vegan. Expect the usual suspects to be rolling out even more innovations, especially at fast-food restaurants, but some food forecasters predict newer things like plant-based “fish” are also going to be big on the figurative horizon.

Breakfast Foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day according to some. Due to the lockdown, more and more people don’t have access to their McDonalds Egg and Cheeses or other well-known breakfast foods from their local fast-food places. Instead, we’re seeing more and more people make their own breakfast foods in order to start their day right! Breakfast Bacon Sandwiches, Pancakes, Steak and Eggs, you name it and more people are cooking it themselves! What a time to be alive.

Social Media Posting

In the more recent years, a lot of people started posting pictures and videos of the meal they either made, bought, are going to eat, or all of the above! With this pandemic and people being heavily restricted to their homes, people have found themselves with even more time on their hands than they had before all this lockdown stuff. With all this extra time, more people are cooking food and showing it off online! Places like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more all have hundreds of these food posters, and each of them all has an immense amount of followers watching them as they show off their food.

Homemade Meals

We’re all locked indoors with a lot of time to ourselves. No longer can we easily go to the fast-food areas near us and purchase cooked food. That leaves us with buying food from the store and heating it up in an oven or microwave, or people can simply cook the food all by themselves with a nice recipe! We’re seeing a drastic increease in people posting online with pictures of the meal they made with their own hands and a feeling of pride.

Online Cooking Classes

Well, this one ties directly into the previous two topics in that people are at home a lot and having to spend the time cooking meals compared to before where people just got in their cars and purchased food due to its convenience. Some people are embracing this change of life with open arms and are diving head-first into the culinary world! People everywhere are helping teach people how they can cook their own meals but bringing their own spin on things. Some will try to show people that they can cook great tasting food while spending as little as possible, others will highlight and emphasize cooking with high-end ingredients that can be very pricey, some even have been showing people how they can cook cute little meals for their own pets! There really is something for everyone nowadays.

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