The Best Thanksgiving Leftover Meals


So you made it The food has been eaten, the family has had a great time, and everyone is going back to their homes. Thanksgiving is over, but that doesn’t mean the food is done with! Unless you have a very hungry family and cleaned out every dish, cookie jar, and pie pan, you will most likely have Thanksgiving leftovers! Here’s what you can do with what you have left!

Leftover-Turkey-and-Rice Soup

Do you have leftover chicken or turkey, chicken or turkey stock, leeks, and white rice? If you do you can make yourself some pretty great tasting soup! This soup is a Thanksgiving version of the Greek Avgolemono soup. It’s a relatively simple soup to make, if you cooked up the entire thanksgiving meal then this soup will be no problem for you at all. The recipe calls for turkey but you can switch that out for chicken instead. You can also use either chicken or turkey stock but the soup will be even better if your stock is made from scratch rather than it being bought from the store. The egg yolks are there to make the stock creamier and the lemon juice really makes the flavor stand out. It’ll take around 30 minutes to cook and offers 4-6 bowls of soup!

Turkey Breakfast Tacos

Now, this dish is a good one It’s your run of the mill breakfast taco but with a Thanksgiving twist! This recipe calls for leftover turkey and sweet potatoes! Now if you do not have any sweet potatoes left or your remaining sweet potatoes have melted marshmallow all over them, you can bake a new sweet potato in your oven at 400 degrees F until tender or you can leave sweet potatoes out of this recipe entirely. These will take around 20 minutes to cook up and it makes 8 great tasting servings, so this dish is ideal for breakfast!

Potato Croquettes

Mashed potatoes are great. If you have any mashed potatoes leftovers after the big Thanksgiving meal, come makes some potato croquettes! These are simple to make and very tasty. They’re essentially just like breaded mozzarella sticks but mashed potatoes instead of cheese! You will need at least some breadcrumbs, mashed potatoes, eggs, and egg yolks. of course, you can add in any extra herbs and spices that you want into the mix, but to improve the flavor, I recommend garlic powder, parsley, parmesan cheese, chives, salt, and pepper!

Thanksgiving Egg Rolls

One of my favorite dishes on earth would have to be egg rolls. Usually, egg rolls are filled with a mixture of savoy cabbage, green cabbage, carrots, celery, scallions, chin, and other ingredients These holiday ones consist of leftover turkey, cranberries, mashed potatoes, and stuffing! These egg rolls are very nice to have and you can add any ingredients you want or leave any of the ingredients out if they don’t sound appealing to you!

Spicy Turkey Medianoches

This sandwich looks great. It’s a variation of the well-known Cuban sandwich! Those usually require ham and cheese, but instead calls for thanksgiving turkey, swiss cheese, and the signature brioche bun! These sandwiches are almost always pressed down as much as it can be on a griddle!

Leftover Sandwich

The iconic Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. This heaping and delicious monstrosity combines everything that you love in the huge thanksgiving meal if you have any left! The bread you use is entirely up to you but we suggest that you use a long and thick-sliced loaf as you need that structural support due to all that food being piled on! Usually, people will add on parts of the leftovers they have but you can add whatever you want and make that sandwich yours!

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