Curious About The Benefits Of Raised Garden Beds? Read This!

When you’re gardening, you need to plan out your garden. You need to plan out where your walkways will be, your growing areas, your lights, your attractions, and seating areas. You need to plan out and pick what style you want your garden to be and gather the materials you need in order to accomplish the desired aesthetic. Of course, when planning out your garden you will need to determine what kind of gardening beds you will use; Raised or Ground-In. Here’s why you should consider using raised garden beds!



Soil Control

Raised beds offer you control over the soil quality. You get to purchase or use whatever soil you desire. You can mix in any fertilizer, compost, or anything you want! Make it your own soil!

Deeper Roots

Raised Flower Beds can allow for roots to grow deeper due to the raised nature of the bed. Of course that all depends on how tall you’ve made the garden bed walls or how far you’ve dug down!

Easily Accessible

Raised Flower Beds are more ergonomic than in-ground beds and are easier on the body as you won’t be bending over so much. You can even have built-in chairs or benches to your garden bed!

Pest control is far easier

Raised Flower Beds are easier to exclude pests from with the help of hoops and covers. With ground-in garden beds, the installation of garden bed covers is a little tricky, but the main attraction of raised garden beds is the walls you can use to keep garden critters out of your crops!

Weeds will stop growing

You will have to deal with fewer weeds if you line the bottom with a weed prevention barrier. Pulling weeds that show up will successfully cut back weed population and over time the weeds will cease to grow in your garden! Proper weeding is essential to the success of your plants!

Many garden design opportunities

Raised Flower Beds just look nicer and more organized in a garden area. They give your garden a neat and tidy appearance and that allows you to put down walkways of your own design. You can put extra plants where you want, decoration pieces, lights, you name it! The only limit to your own garden is your imagination!

You pick where, how big, and what shape the beds are

Raised Flower Beds come in all shapes and sizes, you’re pretty much limited by your skill level and how much money you’re willing to spend! YOu’re not restricted to only build rectangle flower beds, if you have a curve in your lawn you can put together a nice flower bed that will complement it with a little effort! Get creative!




Common Garden Bed Materials




Wooden garden beds are arguably the most commonly seen kind of raised garden beds. Wood is very easy to work with and it’s incredibly cheap.

Bricks offer a more durable garden bed. You can put it together with different kinds of bricks to allow for a more vibrant and eye-catching garden.

Stone is another common resource used for garden beds. It works well if you have other stone works in your garden, such as fountains or walkways!


Cinder Blocks

Metal Sheets

Cement flower beds are very durable and hard to break. The only thing you need to worry about is mixing the cement and laying it out properly! Paint the sides and you’ll have a pretty garden bed!

Cinder blocks make for a pleasing garden bed. You can stack them however high you want and you can fill the holes with soil or coconut fiber and plant smaller things!

Metal is a popular choice for garden beds as it is strong and won’t break down easily in your garden. You can use flat sheets, wrinkled, or corrugated metal to line your beds.

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