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Over 5 years in the ctypto industry

1. Organic Community

We have a 100% dedicated team , and a strong growing community made up of real people, not bots.

2. Natural Growth

Our roadmap allows us to meet community expectations while allowing for additional projects. We are in no rush to put forward things that do not work.

3. Well maintained

Our code base if forked from pivx as we feel it is a stable code base that will support our community long term.

4. Quality Usecase

We feel that our use case affects everyone in the world. Everyone needs to eat and we have limited space to grow food.

Why Join Our Community

We have Great Project Features

Seed2Need (FARM) is an organically grown crypto community. We are focused on bringing blockchain awareness to the Agriculture Sector. We feel that having both a strong DIY community and Knowledgeable block chain development team, we can help lead the way to better results.

Project Scalability
Dedicated Team
Realworld Usecase

Our Founders

Active project with several high-profile connections within the Agriculture Sector.

Loved by the community.

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