Garden Bat Benefits!

Bats are not scary, they are not blind, and they do not drink the blood of humans! These are all common misconceptions about these little guys and they are completely false! (Unless you have a phobia of bats) They are not the monsters most Hollywood horror films present them to be! No, in fact, they are amazing organisms that will help your garden out tremendously. Here are 4 simple reasons why bats will make your gardening life 100 times easier and why you should consider looking into housing some in your garden area!



Bats Exterminate Pests

Bats will eat mosquitos, caterpillars, moths, gnats, flying beetles, and more! Sure, birds eat these too, but they’re awake for the day only. Having bats is like having people on the night shift. These little guys can eat over 1,000 mosquitos a night, for example. They are an absolutely amazing form of pest control.

Bats Excrete Guano

Bats defecate, people call it ‘Guano” it is a very good fertilizer to have. Guano contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium! It will be a great help if your soil lacks Nitrogen! It’s also fungicidal and kills nematode worms!

Bats Pollinate Plants

Bats fly around and pollinate plants. In fact, many plants rely on bats for pollination, including tropical fruits. Bananas, mangoes, and guavas are all pollinated by bats. You won’t have to rely solely on bees and such if you have bats living in your area!

Bats Cultivate Seeds

Bats eat the fruit of plants and defecate seeds when flying around, some call them the “Farmers of the Tropics”. They eat fruit and nectar, fly around spreading pollen, and then excrete the seeds onto the ground! This is great for farming unless you want your plants in a very specific pattern!



Common Bat Species And Where To Find Them!

Lesser long-Nosed Bat

Found in the South/ Southwest US States!

Hoary Bat

Found in every US State!

Pallid Bat

Found in the South/ Southwest US States!

Little Brown Bat

Found in the North/ Northwest US States!

Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

Found in the Southern US States!

Virginia Big-Eared Bat

Found in Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina!

California Leaf-Nosed Bat

Found in California and Southwest US States!

Mariana Fruit Bat

Found in Guam and the Mariana Islands!

Indiana Bat

Found in the Central eastern US Statues!

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